Are you struggling with a family issue?

Are you or someone you know homeless or at risk of being homeless?

Have you been kicked out of your house?



Compass House provides safe shelter and services to runaway, homeless, and at-risk youth.  Through our voluntary programs at the Emergency Shelter and Resource Center, we provide runaway, homeless and street youth with services in an environment that supports dignity, respect and self-reliance.

Emergency Shelter

Compass House's Emergency Shelter is located at 370 Linwood Avenue in the city of Buffalo.  Our Shelter meets the basic needs of runaway and homeless youth ages 12-17 through immediate access to crisis counseling, meals and a temporary place to stay.  We are the area's only shelter for both male and female youth.  Trained, caring professionals are on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide the necessary supportive services.  Through our Safe Place Program, youth in crisis can receive assistance in getting to the shelter via our Safe Place locations.  (For more information on the Safe Place Program, click here.)  All services are voluntary, free and confidential.  Our 24-hour crisis line is (716) 886-0935.

The Resource Center

Located a block from the Shelter at 1451 Main Street is Compass House's Resource Center.  Our Resource Center provides non-residential support to youth ages 14-24 years old that are homeless or at risk of being homeless.  Services include case management, instruction on independent living skills, personal care supplies, food, cooking and laundry facilities and individual, group and family counseling.  Compass House's Street Outreach Program operates from the Resource Center.  The Street Outreach Team canvasses local neighborhoods, teen hangouts and other areas to inform kids they encounter about shelter options and other resources that may be available to them.  Additionally, the Team has knapsacks of toiletries and other resources to make life a bit easier for kids living on the fringes.  All services provided by the Resource Center are free, confidential and voluntary. For more information on Resource Center Client Services, contact Compass House at (716) 884-3066.