Board of Directors:

Phyllis Andrews, President

January 2019-December 2024


Director, Digital Operations at Independent Health

Jody Kleinberg Biehl

June 2019-June 2025

Matthew Lincoln, Rector

Rector of Trinity Episcopal Church

Jenel Meier

January 2016-December 2021

Founder/Director, MyPotentia, LLC

Sean Siler

February 2019-January 2025

PDI, Pharmaceutical Sales Specialist 

John R. Taylor

Tiffany Bell

May 2017-April 2023

Partner, Andreozzi Bluestein

Darren Brown

April 2020-March 2027

Chief of Staff, Buffalo Public School

Alexis Book

October 2019-September 2025

Corporate Communications Specialist, Rich Products

Kenneth Lesniak

October 2019-September 2025

Senior Vice President Technology, Evans Bank

Gabrielle Kaukus Maier

Laura Mazurkkiewicz

January 2018-December 2023

Banking Officer, Wilmington Trust (subsidiary of M&T Bank)

January 2020-December 2026

Controller, NCA Comp

Judith Atkinson Miller

January 2019-December 2024


Warden, Trinity Episcopal Church

Katie A. Rozsa

June 2015-May 2021

Senior Manager – Audit for KPMG LLP

Randy Spivack, Vice President

January 2014-December 2020


Certified Public Accountant

Anthony Sprague

October 2014-September 2020


Assistant General Manager, Buffalo Bisons

Theresa Totaro

James Zawodzinski Jr.

January 2016-December 2021

 M&T Bank, Senior Vice President and Director of Accounting Policy & Projects

November 2018-October 2024

Director, Revenue Management, Bobalew

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1451 Main Street, Buffalo, NY  14209

Client Services:  716.884.3066

Administrative Offices:  716.886.1351

Fax:  716.886.8387


370 Linwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY  14209

24-Hour Crisis Help Line:  716.886.0935

Fax:  716.886.8386