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Compass House Transitional Independent Living Program 

What Our Program Offers:


  • Our transitional housing program accommodates up to six young adults aged 18-24. Residents can stay for a maximum of two years and benefit from the opportunity to learn fundamental skills and work towards achieving their goals in an established home.

  • To meet individual needs, we offer intensive case management services to all residents. Our case management services include, but are not limited to, helping residents learn essential independent living skills such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, and grocery shopping. We also assist residents in obtaining essential identification documents such as social security cards, birth certificates, and photo IDs.


  • Our program provides support in finding employment opportunities while developing resumes and learning essential interview skills. We also offer guidance in money management and budgeting, and refer residents to counseling programs when necessary. Our residents can work towards their education goals while preparing for their transition to independent living.


  • Our case management services also help residents find their own apartment when they are ready. We provide guidance on how to manage the apartment, including how to communicate with landlords and how to understand and fill out a lease agreement.

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To qualify for our Transitional Independent Living Program a young adult must be 18 years old and referred from the COC priority youth and young adult list.

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